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Kitty Number Two...

Princess Jasmine

Name:     Jasmine
Aliases: Jazzameene, JazzyButt, Crackula, MDK (Million Dollar Kitty)
Birthdate: April 10, 1998
Breed:     Maine Coon
Sex:     Female
Coloring:     Brown Patch Mackerel Tabby

Distinguishing Marks:
Very long "slippers" (the fur between her toes), giant bushy-tail,
and the most atrocious breath you have ever smelled!
(I wonder if there is such a thing as peppermint-flavored
cat treats??)

Unusual Habits/Traits:
Drinks her water by dipping her paw into the bowl, then
licking it off (dip, lick, repeat .. dip, lick, repeat!) She will also lick the
inside of your elbow until you beg for mercy, if she is
trying to get your attention.

Place Last Seen:
Dipping her pipe-cleaner toys into her food and water bowl, thus
claiming it as "hers". She can also be found snoozing on the "cat-napper" or
curled up in her basket, catching some Zzzz's. (ahh it's a rough life, huh?)

Jasmine has a fantastically funny purrsonality. When you see her in action, you
just can't help but smile and laugh. She loves to play-fight (tormenting Lucy every chance
she gets) and she loves to bat around her pipe-cleaner "spiders".

Jasmine is officially registered with the
CFF - Cat Fanciers' Federation


Princess Jasmine S. Fisk

Mother: Cameowcoons Natasha
Father: Ch Lakecountry Cochise of Pawstuctaway

and was purchased from

Cameowcoons Cattery
Northwood, NH

Jasmine's Helpful Hint:

Instructions on Making
Pipecleaner Spider Toys
(Thanks to Kathy Gagnon of Cameowcoons Cattery)

1. Cut three pipecleaners in half
2. Take two halves and twist them together
3. Repeat with all remaining halves
4. Place twisted halves on top of one another to resemble a star
5. Twist in the middle and fan out the "legs"
6. Bend legs upward toward "body" to make "legs"
7. Bend the tips of each "leg" to make "feet"

Your finished Spider should look like this:

Jasmine likes to dip her spiders in her water bowl
before playing with them!
(Silly kitty!!)

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